Automotive Paint Chip Repair

Painting Narrow Door Edges & Other Tight Spots

Using the TouchUp RX Automotive Paint Chip Repair Kit to repair door edges is easy, even fool-proof! You know, where you had an “oops” and opened your door into another car or a concrete wall, leaving the edge completely void of paint.

This type of damage can also occur on the bottom of a tailgate, the leading edge of the hood, and other places where the vehicle panel does a sudden 180-degree turn in small spots.

This type of repair requires the Micro-Brush, which is included in the TouchUp RX Kit!

Using the micro-brush, dab the brush into the paint bottle (remove the cap to gain full access to the paint) and get a tiny amount of paint on the brush. Too much paint on the brush will make it hard to get a clean repair.

TIP: Let the paint be the connection between the brush and chips on the vehicle. Make contact between the micro-brush and the area needing repair using only the paint on the brush-head. Do not touch the brush itself to the vehicle.

Carefully pull the brush from side to side or up and down (whatever pattern you are most comfortable with), from the start of the area to repair, to the finish. Repeat as necessary.

Then leave it alone. If you screw up, wipe it off with The Pink Stuff and start over.

That’s the beauty of TouchUp RX Paint vs. regular touch up paint. The regular stuff will dry so fast and hard, you’ll be stuck with your first attempt. TouchUp RX paint is forgiving. You can always remove it and start over if you’re not happy with your results.

As a result, you might even enjoy the touch up process, crazy as that may seem. A Zen-like TouchUp moment could happen.

Bill McLean, Owner
TouchUp RX

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