Automotive Paint Chip Repair

Repair Bumper Scrapes on Your Vehicle – without a body shop

TouchUp RX Automotive Paint Chip Repair Kit & the Mack Sword Striping Brush

Got a big bumper scrape? A scrape that is beyond just a “touch-up”.

Think you need a body shop repair? Well, you might, if you want that “it never happened” repair.

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars or file an insurance claim, I have an option for you; use The TouchUp RX Kit in conjunction with the Mack Sword Striping Brush. You can find Mack products online at

The inexpensive way to fix bumper scrapes

Step 1: Get the right tools for the job

Step 2: Make the repair

  • Dip your brush into the bottle of paint, dragging the brush out of the bottle at a 45-degree angle, allowing most of the paint to drain back into the bottle.
  • Holding your brush at a 45-90 degree angle, drag just before the scrape begins across the damaged area and slightly beyond.
  • Let the paint dry anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours. TouchUp RX paint cures fast, but you have several hours before it becomes difficult to remove.
  • Use The Pink Stuff blending solution (that comes with the TouchUp RX Kit) to carefully remove any excess paint around the repair. Do not rub over any paint you want to keep on the vehicle.

I have used this process effectively on bumper paint damage with impressive results. The Mack Sword Striping Brush leaves a smooth finish, similar to spray painting the repair.

Obviously it won’t be perfect, but on most vehicle colors, you will be impressed with the results. You cannot use regular automotive touch up paint for this repair, however, Touch Up RX Paint will work well given its ease of removing and reapplying as needed. You cannot screw it up!

If your bumper is in need of a paint repair and you have additional questions, feel free to give me a call; I am happy to visit with you!

Bill McLean, Owner
TouchUp RX

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