Automotive Paint Chip Repair

SEMA 2021 In Review

We are back to work after a busy week of live demonstrations of our paint chip repair kit at the November SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Seeing is believing, and we easily had over a thousand set of eyeballs on our before & after demonstration; with many trying themselves to ensure we weren’t using smoke & mirrors.

Some frequently asked questions from SEMA

Q: Will the paint come off when I wash it?
A: Our paint chip repair kit yields permanent results. We have cars that were repaired over 10 years ago and the repair looks the same today as the day it was applied.

Q: How long does it take for the paint to fully cure?
A: Our paint is fully cured in 2 weeks.

Q: Do you make metallic colors?
A: Yes, the majority of our sales are metallics.

Q: Can I repeat the process to get an even better fill for larger chips?
A: Yes, often a second application will yield better results. Wait a day between applications so you’re applying fresh paint to more cured paint for better adhesion. However, you may also immediately try another application without worry.

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