Automotive Paint Chip Repair

The Best Light for Repairing Chips Depends on Your Vehicle Color

I’ve been making automotive paint chip repair kits and performing various paint scratch/chip repairs on vehicles for almost 20 years. Predating my experience creating the Dr. ColorChip products, so I know a thing or two about what lighting to use for the repair that is being done.

As you know, paint finishes can vary in appearance from one light source to another. To that point, I will offer guidance under which types of light to perform your repairs to yield the best results.

These comments address paint chip repairs from highway driving, not scratches, large dings or golf-ball-sized chips. Look for future blogs to address atypical automotive paint repairs.

Touch Up Repairs on Dark Vehicles

Repair to stone chips on black, blue, green, and red metallic or solid vehicles, is best performed in the shade.

Avoid fluorescent light when possible, as you will view most chips as though they haven’t been painted yet. Bright sunlight masks some of the smaller chips, which you may find unfinished later.

Touch Up Repairs on Silver and Light Vehicles

Repair to stone chips on bright silver, gray, gold, light red, light blue metallic, pearl white tri-coat metallic, and solid white (other than the solid, non-metallic white) vehicles, is best performed in direct sunlight.

In the shade or under fluorescent lighting, they lose their vitality and can look an entirely different color.

Touch Up Repairs on Yellow Vehicles

Repair to stone chips on yellow (and some orange and red hued) vehicles, although uncommon, is best performed under bright sunlight.

Bill McLean, Owner
TouchUp RX

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