Automotive Paint Chip Repair

Touching Up Tri-Coat Pearl Paint Colors

Tri-coat pearl colors are sprayed in three stages: a base coat, usually an off-white flat color; a mid-coat, which is a different color of white; then a clear coat, which is tinted with the pearlescent colors that give it that pop.

Unfortunately, there is no way to replicate this color exactly with one bottle of paint. And you’d lose your mind trying to apply all three colors if you had them in your possession. It wouldn’t work well either – you’d have a nice 3-color blob on each chip.

So what we have done is create a line of approximate-match white pearl colors. They are hued toward blue, gold, yellow, grey, etc., all to most effectively match the color of every white pearl on the road today. We’ve spent weeks formulating our array of colors and paired them with all the OEM colors we know of. The goal is to walk by the car after the chips have been addressed and not notice the repairs. We feel we’ve done a pretty good job at this. With the understanding there is no “perfect match” for such colors – from us or anyone, short of a complete body shop respray – we are confident you’ll be pleased with the paint provided.

There are also other versions of tri-coat pearls which are very challenging to match exactly. They include the hot metallic reds, blues, greens and yellows. Yellow tri-coat pearls are probably the most difficult. If you have one of these colors, you may want to email us to inquire if we have the ability to create a close match. We’ll be honest about it. There’s no reason to waste your time and ours trying to do something beyond our ability.

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