Automotive Paint Chip Repair

Auto Paint Chip Repair for Dealerships and Auctions

Auto Auction and Dealership Reconditioning entities move thousands of vehicles a year.

Most outsource paint chip repair services when they could bring the function in-house and save tens of thousands of dollars—with better, faster, more permanent repairs.

The auto paint chip repair add-on service for dealerships and auctions is a no-brainer for additional revenues. Why pay an outside service $75 to $125 for each touch-up repair when you can bring the service in-house for a few bucks and address each vehicle as needed immediately? Our auto paint chip repair system for dealerships and auctions is do-it-yourself friendly and clearly labeled and organized with all the components to address anything the body shop doesn’t want to hassle with.

With a proven record of satisfied retail customers using our paint chip repair kits, we can certainly help your employees learn quickly how to most effectively use our system for fast, professional repairs. We offer complete training at your location, customer support, and chip repair systems that can be customized with additional OEM paint colors as needed. We also have a proprietary photospectrometer that is loaded with our stock colors, helping with the best paint selection when in doubt. All paint refills, chemicals, and accessories are generally shipped same or next business day.

Buyers look over the exterior of a vehicle before purchasing. If the cosmetics aren’t impressive, they have to wonder what wasn’t addressed under the hood, or why the paint repairs were so poorly done.

Our professional paint chip repair system provides the opportunity to these entities to use low-skilled labor to create high-quality, low-cost and very quick repairs. We have the math on how to save a boat load of cash with one day of training using our system.

Let us show you how it works.

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