Automotive Paint Chip Repair

Mobile Paint Chip Repair Businesses

Start your own business, set your own hours and be in charge of your financial situation – and of equal importance, create the freedom of doing what you want, when you want. Start the mobile paint chip repair business that no one can compete with from TouchUp RX.

With our commercial paint chip repair system, you will have the ability to operate your own company, providing top-notch, professional repairs to used car dealerships in your neighborhood. The automotive service market is a $115 billion industry and growing! This includes dealer services provided by mom and pop businesses that operate out of the home.

Dealerships outsource on average seven different small businesses to recondition the inventory on their used car lots. Some, like dent repair, are performed by highly trained, experienced technicians. Others, like most mobile paint chip repair businesses, are provided by the average Joe with a box full of colors and a paint brush or syringe, hoping they can match the color close enough and praying they can get a blob repair that will pass inspection.

Our system guarantees that the repairs will not only match, but in nearly all cases, won’t even be detectable by the buyer. This is why our system excels in every market, on every dealership lot. And it’s why our commercial customers not only get the accounts upon a free demonstration, but why they keep the accounts and rapidly grow their business.

With our history of helping over 150 successful individuals start their own mobile paint chip repair businesses—in multiple countries—we are pretty confident we can help you do the same in your backyard. So what are you waiting for? Whether you have more questions to ask, an order to place, or simply need to keep researching a company that has 18 years of successful experience behind it, browse our website now, or call the owner directly at 561-512-0832.

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